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2020/2021 Writing Kanban Board

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

In my industry job, we often use 'Kanban' boards to track the progress of tasks. So, when it came to wrapping up my 2020 year and planning for 2021, it seemed like the perfect tool to keep track of things! A Kanban board is a fancy table with columns that indicate status and rows that act as swim lanes for each task or project. The columns can be as simple as "Upcoming," "In Progress," "Complete" or as complex as...well, look at the attached document!

Wondering what the projects are? Want more details on the thought process behind designing the kanban? Check out my YouTube video on writing Kanban!

2020-2021 Writing Kanban
Download PDF • 50KB

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2 comentarios

Donald Claxton
Donald Claxton
08 mar 2021

Hi Nicole, I'm Donny Claxton from Dallas, TX area. Have been working five years on The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club--Four teens build a treehouse in the woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula in 1977 near the secret hideaway of a Soviet spy.

Congratulations on your platform establishment efforts. It's always fun to launch a new website, and I have to admit that your Wix does look rather good. For more than a decade now I've been using Wordpress. Lately, I have been considering a change in the template and a more focused presence. I've also learned more about how much writing and in-depth idea-wrangling my mind can stand per day.

I also watched your video on the Story Grid. When I…

Me gusta
Nicole Wilbur
Nicole Wilbur
08 mar 2021
Contestando a

Hey Donny! Thank you so much for checking out my website!! I went over to check out yours as well - I love the numerous lists of 101 books. I've definitely tried to keep track of what I read before, but came to the conclusion I preferred reading without worrying about recording it. Very impressed you've managed to keep track!

Thanks for pointing out those typos! I certainly thought I'd checked everything over, but I figured there would be some I missed. So much appreciated!

I absolutely agree Coyne's book is best for editing, especially as a tool written from the perspective of an editor! However, I have found some great articles on the website that are useful for drafting.…

Me gusta
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